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Auto AC Repair Near Warrenton

Directly Across from Messick Farms Market

FAuquier Vehicle AC Repair Services

This summer is shaping up to be a hot one. Don’t rely on the humid Virginia air to keep you cool while you drive. Global Automotive puts you in the drivers seat with our auto AC repair services. Our mechanics find the source of your vehicle’s AC system problem and present you with all options and cost associated. No hard sales, just honest service. Trusted for over 25 years.

Located Across from Messicks Farm market

If you need Auto AC Repair near Warrenton, our Shop is the perfect location to squeeze in some summer fun while you wait. Located directly across from Messick Farms Market on Route 28, we are a short drive from Warrenton. Who wants to waste hours reading magazines in a waiting room during their car repair? Take a one minute walk to our lovely neighbors and enjoy a coffee, lunch or garden stroll while you wait. 

Our mechanics will never surprise you with a charge you didn’t approve, so you can relax and return to a vehicle that’s ready to keep you cool all summer long. We will call you the moment your car is ready.

Our Auto AC Repair Mechanics

  1. Discuss & Listen. Details of your specific issue can possibly help us narrow down the source of your auto AC repair issue faster. 
  2. Inspect. Your vehicle AC belts and other components may have leaks, cracks or damage.
  3. Determine. If your vehicle AC System shows no signs of leaks, cracks or damage we will continue our diagnosis.
  4. Check & test. Air Conditioning Compressor functions, refrigerant, vacuum test and a recharge are the next steps. 
**Before performing any service that may incur a cost, our Auto Repair mechanics will first discuss your options and continue only with your approval.**

(540) 439-9090

Monday - Friday 7:30-5:00

Our Guests Say it Best.

Love these guys. They’re always professional and courteous, but straight forward as well. Prices are good, often less than other places, but the work and experience is so much better. If there are a couple different ways to handle the situation with your car, they always give you options and opinions without trying to sell you on the most expensive repair schedule for that day. I’ve brought my car to other places out of convenience, and the issue was not resolved. Brought my vehicle to another shop and they just beat around the bush and said they did the work, the problem must be with something else in the car, and just want to charge even more money to look at other things. I then brought the car to Global and let them know what the original issue was, and look at that – car is running smooth as a babies bottom. I can’t speak highly enough of these guys.

-April C.

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