Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light Services

If your vehicle’s check engine light has notified you of a problem, our experienced technicians will perform on-board diagnostics.  We will determine the root of why your check engine light (service engine light) is on or flashing. There are numerous issues this light could be alerting you to. Some issues you may be able to check yourself before bringing your vehicle in to Global Automotive.

Troubleshooting Check Engine Light

  • Test to See if Your Gas Cap is Loose.
  • Test Your Vehicle's Oil.
  • Check Your Vehicle's Antifreeze (Do not open if still hot.)
  • Check All Other Fluids.
  • Examine Spark Plugs & Battery.

If your Check Engine Light is Still on or Flashing there could be over 100 reasons for this. We recommend bringing your vehicle to a professional to locate your exact issue.

Most Common Reasons for a Lit Check Engine Light:

  • Failing oxygen sensor.
  • Bad spark plug/ignition coil.
  • Bad spark plug wires.
  • A problem with your catalytic converter.
  • Bad mass air flow sensor.
  • Engine vacuum leak.
  • EGR valve problem.
  • Excessive gas consumption or release of air pollutants.

A Flashing Check Engine Light

Furthermore, a flashing Check Engine Light indicates a more serious problem. Your vehicle should be brought in to a shop right away, perhaps even by tow to be safe. If your engine light is on, don’t wait. Try to remedy the issue by checking the five top bullet points. If those do not solve your issue, have our experienced technicians perform the on-board diagnostics check and determine the exact problem as soon as possible.

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