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Tire Repair Services

Tire Repair Services

Tire damage can happen at any time. Don’t risk your safety by ignoring a needed tire repair. Your tire’s condition can drastically influence:

A recently damaged tire can be fixed with a quick, low cost service appointment, and can save you from damaging your vehicle and costing you more down the line. 

Wheel Repair

Whether you’ve hit a tree branch, a curb or have drove over nails, the damage to your wheel is done. And time is critical. If your tire needs to be patched, plugged, or replaced, Global Automotive can fix the damage and get you back on the road fast.


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If your vehicle doesn’t feel right to you, it almost always indicates a problem. Save yourself expensive repairs down the road with a tire or alignment inspection. We’ll investigate and determine any potential problems caused by tire damage. In many cases, it’s just a simple fix.

Signs of Tire Damage

If not addressed right away, costly tire repairs could be around the corner.

Most new cars have aluminum rims, which are susceptible to bending. Bent tire rims can cause tire wear, vibration in the steering wheel, and can damage other critical components of your vehicle.

This can indicate misalignment or a low tire pulling your vehicle.

Old tires have the potential to blow out and cause an accident. Additionally, low tread on tires can cause them to have a weak grip on roads and slip in unfavorable conditions, such as rain, sleet or snow. Have our technicians inspect your tires to see if they need to be repaired or replaced.

Get a Tire Inspection

Minor misalignment, damaged steering or suspension can be difficult to catch, which is why it helps to have someone assess and test the level of tire wear and wheel components. We handle all tire repair services, from patches to complete tire rack replacements. Our tire inspections help you avoid costly automotive and tire repairs down the road, while providing peace of mind knowing you and your passengers are traveling safely.

Schedule your Tire Repair or Inspection with Global Automotive of Bealeton today by calling (540) 439-9090.

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