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Auto Repair

Auto Repair Services

Global Automotive’s trained technicians get to the root of your auto repair issues at a reasonable cost. We handle all types of repairs, from tires to complete engine rebuilds. Our technicians diagnose the issue then consult and walk you through the necessary repairs. We provide you with the repair’s expected time frame, so you can plan accordingly. Your technician will also provide all available repair options, to ensure we maintain the cost within your budget. We will not take any action without first receiving your approval, so you will never receive a bill you didn’t expect and agree to.

Global Automotive has been a family-owned, small business in Bealeton for over 28 years. We work with insurance and almost all warranty companies to keep our client’s out of pocket expense as low as possible. We appreciate each of you and strive to ensure you will want to return for all your auto repair or maintenance needs. Call us today for a consultation or an appointment.


10526 Global Way, Bealeton VA 22712

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Monday-Friday 7:30AM- 5:00PM
We Accept All Insurances and Most Warranty Companies.

GLoBal's Auto Shop Services

We’re provided a DIY Service Engine Light Checklist, so you can troubleshoot before ever bringing your vehicle into our mechanics. If your service light is still lit, our mechanics will provide a thorough diagnostic and find the root of the problem.

A recently damaged tire can be repaired with a quick service at a low cost. We make sure your tires are safe, aligned and road ready. 

Exact vehicle air conditioning diagnostics and quick repair services. Bring your vehicle in to have our mechanics take a look at a low cost.

Self-Diagnose your Starter or Alternator repair issues with our checklist. Our expert mechanics diagnose your issues and will give you a full report with every available option, so you can choose what fits your needs and budget. 

We provide a checklist of muffler and exhaust repair signs so you can see if your vehicle will need this service. If you need muffler or exhaust repair, our experts will diagnose, present your options and perform approved repairs quickly.

We’ve narrowed down 6 Signs your vehicle may need a transmission replacement. If you think your vehicle may need a transmission service, our experts will diagnose and present any issues and all options available. We make sure you understand all options and cost before approving any service.

Check our list to see the signs of engine issues. An engine service or repair is important to address quickly, as engines are notorious for quickly deteriorating once issues present themselves. We accurately diagnose and then present you with all options available and the cost of each. We want you to be well informed before making any decisions with services this important.

We’ve put together a DIY diagnostic list to help you figure out what your vehicle’s issues may be. If you need accurate and detailed diagnostics, schedule an appointment to have our expert mechanics take a look today.

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