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Low Cost Service to Increase Your MPG

fuel induction service at Global Automotive

Does your full tank of gas not last as long as it once did? Does your vehicle feel slow or stumble when accelerating? Is it harder to start? These could be signs of carbon deposit build up in your induction system. 

Carbon Deposits & MPG:

Watch the short video to learn the signs your vehicle may be telling you and see how this fuel induction service could increase your MPG.

The Science of Fuel Economy

Today timing is everything and your car’s engine is no different. The mixture of air and fuel is a science. Carbon deposits get in the way of your vehicle’s ability to perfect this mixture that is so important to your car’s fuel economy and emissions. The addition of ethanol in our fuel also complicates things by attracting moisture, which mixes with these deposits and gums up the fuel system. 

Global's Fuel Induction Service

A BG Induction Service Cleans fuel injectors, throttle body, plenum and air intake, and intake valves and ports. It also removes combustion chamber deposits helping with reducing emissions from your vehicle. All this helps to corrects the balance of fuel and air in your system- restoring the fuel economy and the “get up and go” of your ride. 

Save Your Fuel

The mechanics here at Global are ready to get your car's induction system running like new. Call to schedule your Induction Service Today.

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fuel induction service at Global Automotive

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